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The aim of the challenge is to generate awareness and donations for Cancer Research UK.

Although planning a number of different 10k routes near where I live, doing the same area day in day out could become tedious.  So we came up with an idea to run monthly at different 10k Events & locations around the UK as part of the 10k Everyday challenge.

I saw this idea as a bit of fun, creating a peak point in each month and the needed awareness which the challenge is all about.  Below are the significant Land Mark Events & planned 10k Running Events I’m looking to attend and run in, let me know if you’re thinking of joining in on any.

January:           24th Telford 10k.  Update: frustratingly had to cancel due to family commitments .

The 10th marked my first 100km, 16th marked 100miles (same as Grantham either, Liverpool, Gloucester, Gt Yarmouth or Edgware (London).

February:        13th Cardiff. Update: frustratingly had to cancel due to work and family commitments; confession not a game of perfect, click to view.

March:              21st Lincoln in 46:39 – great atmosphere and really enjoyed.


The 10th marks first 1000km: PARTY TIME = Evening of Entertainment, Fund Raising & General Fun at Ramada Hotel Grantham.  Open to anyone, you can help us plan by registering your support & booking a ticket – click for details.

May:                   16th Oxford Town & Gown in 47.04 – great day out.

June:                  4th Leeds. Learn more at …

The 20th marks first 1000 miles.

July:                    12th Leicester. Cancer Research UK race, learn more at …

The 2nd is past half way, 1830 km.

August:               1st York. Learn more at …

September:       5th Sheffield. Learn more at …


The 27th marks 3000km – time for another party, not long now.

3oth Halloween Party Run – Planning to run 11pm -12am 10k; then 12am to 1am 10k (31st) with a party at a village PUB afterwards.  I’ll be running as a Skeleton!

November:        21st Leeds Abbey Dash. Learn more at …

The 18th marks 2000 miles.

December: Blackburn.

The 31st marks the end of an extraordinary challenge, 3650km or 2268 miles. A party is most definitely

on cards.


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