Media Coverage

“Can it be done?” is one question many people have thought and asked about this challenge; for that reason it has caught the imagination of many.  The point is there is no record of someone running 10k everyday, there are many athletes on “average” doing more per day, but no-one it seems has done 10k everyday.

Most will be thinking of their own experience of running in race either 10k, greater or less where the goal was to get round as best as possible.  This challenge is different, it’s not about a Personal Best each day; the challenge is about running 10k for 365 days and performing at a pace that will enable Tim to run one day after the next to reach the target.

This page has been dedicated to the Media Coverage of the challenge allowing those following to access the full journey and story of running 10k everyday; click the dates to view or listen.

TV Coverage:

BBC TV News Look North

10 Dec 2009 & 1Jan2010&18May2010

Radio Stations:

GRAVITY FM (running a feature)

5 Dec 2009 & 16Jan2010 (100miles) & 9Oct2010 (2820km)

NEW YEARS DAY Finished 1 Jan 2011 (3650km/2288miles)

BBC Radio Lincolnshire (running a feature)

9 Dec 2009 & 1 Jan 2010 & 4 Jan 2010

26Feb2010 (Live Run & Interview: Start part1, Middle part2, Finish part3)

11May2010 & HALFWAY 2July2010 (Live Run & Interviews: Start part1, Middle part2, Finish part3)

18August2010 (having a hard time having caught a cold)

2/3rds point 31 August2010

NEW YEARS EVE RUN: Part 1, Part 2, THE FINISH Part 3, Part 4.


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