Cancer Research UK

The “ambit statement“: a statement so vast there’s an inability to fully grasp the scope of it; I like to call them simply “factually numbing statements”.  We’ve all heard them and every cause has these amazing facts to illustrate the enormity and purview of the situation… Great words aren’t they: ambit & purview.  The likelihood is, like me, you’ll have scanned over them inadvertently not giving them the attention their power and meaning deserves; we all do it.

The aim of my blog is to highlight the “real size” of the cause I’m supporting, Cancer Research UK.  Facts like “Every 2 minutes someone in the UK will be told they have cancer” or a sad story, like mine, of losing a Grand Father & Grand Mother to Cancer are difficult to value; they all remain as “ambit statements” so I’d like to share with you how I feel when I think of the “real size.”

The one that makes my throat sore, my heart race as if to defend and my eyes swell is “…one in three people in this country will develop cancer”.  The reason is simply I have a young family of two daughters, my wife & I and the statistics suggest one of us will develop cancer!  If you live in a typical household of 2.4 children you’ll be in the same position I’m in with that statistic.

This challenge is about capturing the imagination, raising the awareness of needed support of Cancer Research UK and raising money to help them continue their needed research that will bring reduce the risk for everyone.

As well as finding cures, understanding and managing Cancer it’s as important to Prevent and Catch it early.  Survival rates of Cancer Patients dramatically increase the earlier Cancer is diagnosed.

Help achieve awareness in 3 easy ways:

[1] CLICK to Follow the blog: the easiest way to help the challenge & cause – a visible following will attract corporates support.

[2] SPREAD the WORD: another easy way to help is sharing the challenge, asking and encouraging others to simply follow.

[3] DONATE: a small amount coupled with points [1] + [2], in my view, is the greatest support as it achieves all the aims of the challenge – Imagination (share the idea), Awareness (it’s closer to home) and Funds (reduce the risk).

Suppose 10 people sponsored £1 each and they encouraged 10 others, it would generate £110 sponsorship as well as  110 more people aware of cause and prepared to spot symptoms early.

You can learn more about CANCER RESEARCH UK visit:

To gain advice & helpful links to reduce the risks visit:

Thanks for reading and be well Tim


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